Birthdate: June 28, 1966
Birthplace: Evanston, IL
Education: Piven Theatre Workshop
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 223 lbs.
Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer, Producer
First Role: Feature Film -- "Class"
Claim to Fame: Sweetheart Lloyd Dahbler in 'Say Anything.'

Ever wonder how an actor selects his movie roles? We're pretty certain that an actor just starting out will grab whatever role they can finagle. John Cusack, we'd imagine, must have gone through this from his start, debuting alongside none other than Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy. But what stands out in the screamingly Eighties 'Class,' is the raw gem that is to develop in the midst: John Cusack.

In the process of gathering reviews of his movies for this website--and their were many, many movies to consider--one certainty stood out among the din. Cusack is an actor with the capacity to shine in whichever role he chooses. From playing an ubernerd in the classic 'Sixteen Candles,' to an obstinate, dark and immature elitist indie record store owner in 'High Fidelity,' Cusack has an uncanny penchant for nailing his roles.

Take a tour through the filmography pages of John Cusack's entire career span and brush up on your knowledge of Cusack's hits and misses and the growing number of films that are piling up under the heading of 'classic.'

John Cusack Movies