Birthdate: June 28, 1966
Birthplace: Evanston, IL
Education: Piven Theatre Workshop
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 223 lbs.
Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer, Producer
First Role: Feature Film -- "Class"
Claim to Fame: Sweetheart Lloyd Dahbler in 'Say Anything.'


On Grosse Pointe Blank...
"No. If you want to talk about things that are really dangerous, talk about the kind of a perverse sexuality of the Schwarzenegger, the Stallone, the Van Damme films, where there is like a sexual gratification with each death. These aren't the themes in Grosse Pointe Blank.
"We were trying to do something else. We were trying to parody those values in our culture. If you're going to get into social criticism with absurdity and satire, you can't be politically correct when you do that."
On his 'Con Air' role...
"No, that was fun, because he's eccentric. It was sort of like Tommy Lee Jones inThe Fugitive. I was the first post-Heston non-biblical action star in sandals. I wore sandals in the film--Birkenstocks. So, I broke new ground in cinema history." -from an E!Online interview.
"I don't want to be involved in anything that's jingoistic or sensationalistic...People in Hollywood don't think about the moral ramifications of what they do. They're trying to make a buck, and they continually whitewash history. A movie like Top Gun drives up army enlistments because people think they're going to get to fly jets and meet Kelly McGillis, when in reality, they're going to be chipping paint off an aircraft carrier." --Premiere magazine, June 1990
General Quotes
"I was a teen star. That's disgusting enough."
"There are some good people. But a good chunk of them will lie for no reason at all - it'll be ten o'clock and they'll tell you it's nine. You're looking at the clock and you can't even fathom why they're lying. They just lie because that's what they do."
"A while back, Dick, Barry and I agreed that what really matters is WHAT you like, not what you ARE like. Books, records, films Š these things matter! Call me shallow, itÕs the fucking truth."
"Celebrity is death --- celebrity -- that's the worst thing that can happen to an actor."