The Amazon boss wants to create human space colonies and he might get out of there CEO Jeff Bezos thinks that in the future, individuals will certainly stay in big room nests rather than choosing the surface area of the earths.

In a meeting with Space News, Bezos chatted regarding just how he sees the future of humanity. “The room swarms we construct will certainly have several benefits,” he stated.

It stays a trouble – what would certainly take place to our Earth if sufficient individuals relocated right into room swarms? According to Bezos, hefty markets (such as mining and also removal) will certainly relocate somewhere else in the Solar System. “Why would certainly we have hefty markets right here?

In the meeting, Bezos also remembered the suggestion of physicist Gerard O’Neill, that recommended the production of space-shaped round areas, called the “O’Neill cyndrical tube”, in which 2 cyndrical tubes that revolve in contrary instructions would certainly give gravity as well as decrease the gyroscopic results. Nests based upon a comparable idea can be seen in movies such as “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Bezos and also his group at Blue Origin are presently functioning on a method to provide individuals a means to go right into room. Also so, Bezos emphasized that leaving the Earth is not always an emergency situation.

Bezos is not the only one to desire of room nests. At that time, he was frustrated that NASA was not making adequate initiatives to send out individuals to Mars, yet that mankind had no back-up strategy for the circumstance where the Earth would certainly come to be unoccupied.

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