Why this country wants to use Linux instead of Windows

Windows is one of the most preferred os on the planet, yet the South Korean federal government appears to intend to change Linux.

The nation’s Interior and also Safety Ministry prepares all federal government computer systems to switch over to the Linux os.

Assistance for Windows 7 will certainly finish in mid-January 2020. The firm urges individuals to switch over to Windows 10 prior to 2020.

Rather of beginning to make use of Windows 10, South Korea will certainly take on the Linux operating system for computer systems in state establishments. The Home Office will certainly initially check within exclusive networks if Linux can run without safety dangers. You will certainly likewise require to inspect if existing software program as well as sites constructed particularly for Windows will certainly work with this os.

Why South Korea Quits Windows

The reasons the Asian state wishes to stop Windows are 2. It intends at reducing expenses.

The change to Linux will certainly be rather pricey for the Koreans. It will certainly set you back over half a billion bucks, according to Betanews. South Korean authorities claim the financial investment will certainly be useful in the lengthy run.

On the various other hand, South Korea intends to no more hinge on an os. That’s why he selected Linux, which is an open resource system.

If every little thing functions well, the Asian state will certainly state farewell to Windows. All federal government computer systems in South Korea will certainly run with Linux.

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